Flexible Adaptable Black Plastic Edging

Our lawn edging is made of flexible high quality plastic, resistant to weather conditions (-30 oC to 50 oC) so that it can be easily formed into different shapes (such as squares, triangles, rectangles, waves, circles, semicircles, arcs, etc.) by bending, cutting, straightening and fixing. It can be used to shape lawns, concrete, stones, paving stones, sand, gravel and many other materials. Many possibilities to create your own beautiful and amazing garden, limited only by your imagination. By using this product you will not only have the satisfaction of creating it yourself but for far less money than hiring a professional.



  • CLEAN LOOK – Whether you want to fix up your garden, your lawn, or your flowers; this is the solution. Get clear boundaries, clean separations and neat subdivisions.
  • VERSATILE – The versatile plastic lawn edging system can be used in any number of ways; from separating lawns, to bed edging, mowing edges, limiting away edges, and plenty more!
  • FLEXIBLE – You are far from being stuck with straight lines and right angles with our garden border edging system; bend it before installing to turn it into any shape you want!
  • EASY TO USE – Each border edging set comes with 24 nails included. Arrange and press the border where needed, and push down on the included nails to secure it! It’s that easy!
  • SUITABLE SIZES AVAILABLE – Garden edging approximately 40mm high with approximately 130 mm long strong durable securing pegs/ anchors.

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8 Piece (4.64m), 16 Piece (9.28m), 24 Piece (13.2m), 32 Piece (18.56m)


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