8 Litre Hand Pump Manual Pressure Power Washer Sprayer

These hand sprayers with powerful pump action and pressure relief valves have been made with a shatterproof and frost-resistant construction. Includes variable jet nozzle for precise application of plant feeds/watering etc. Suitable for use with most garden and household chemicals. Ideal for use around the garden, greenhouse and home and some can also be used for car cleaning.


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  • USER FRIENDLY – With a simple Pump operation, the handheld pressure washer requires a few pumps to get it going to generate pressure, once the pressure is built squeeze the trigger to spray your chosen liquid.
  • WHAT IT INCLUDES – The 8 Litre come with a car cleaning brush allowing you to wash your vehicle alot more easier.
  • MULTI PURPOSE – The Portable washer can be used to clean your car, fences, debris, bicycles, caravans, boats, motorcycles or even your windows.
  • PORTABLE PRESSURE SPRAY – The Portable pressure washer can also be used to fill it up with your garden or household chemicals to get rid of Weeds, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides. Or it can be used to feed or water your plants as the Portable pressure washer features a variable jet nozzle for precise application.
  • HIGH BUILD QUALITY – Our Portable washer is Frost resistant as well as Shatter-proof, ready to be used anytime of the year.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 45 × 16 cm


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