Electric Weed Burner Wand Burner up to 600 Degrees

This weed burner can be used to De-Ice paths etc Clean your garden and eliminate weeds and other unwanted plantation with a quick and eco-friendly method. No more spraying toxic chemicals that harm the rest of your garden. With this handy Weed Burner, the weeds’ internal cells are destroyed by the intensive heat, causing them to wither and die within 24-48 hours and leaves your garden safe for kids and pets immediately after use. All you need to do is plug it in and off you go.


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POWERFUL – The powerful electric weed burner will reach up to 600 degrees controlling weeds which is perfect for driveways, pave stones, patios and much more. It also features an extra adaptor for tight spaces and quick burning of weeds.

EASY TO USE – Ergonomically designed to keep the heat away from the user, the handles have been designed for easy grip and prolonged usage. The handle can also be removed for easy storage, it also features a retractable stand.

EFFECTIVE – The powerful weed burner reaches up to 600 degrees, allowing you to quickly get rid of weeds and destroy the cellular structure of the weeds.

SAFE & SECURE – Eliminates the need for toxic chemicals or gas, the electric weed burner works through electricity without the need for gas combining safety and a powerful weed burner for efficient use.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – No open flame and no need for Gas or toxic chemicals, the electric weed burner uses the power of electricity with two temperature settings of 50 degrees and a high setting of 600 degrees.

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Dimensions 35 × 45 × 16 cm


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