Spider Catcher Bug Trap Extra Long with Handle

The worlds friendliest, most innovative way to catch spiders. Easily removes spiders, butterflies, moths and crane flies without harming them. 65cm long arm keeps you at a safe and comfortable distance and reaches up to ceilings and corners.


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  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Non-toxic, No harm to people, humane and chemical free, a fast, simple and clean way to rid bugs from your home.
  • EXTRA LONG HANDLE: 65cm Insect trap catchers, No need to get close as you simply twist the end of the long handle – good news for arachnophobics!
  • SAFE & EFFICIENT: Our bug catcher has Quickly and effectively catch spiders and bugs, Robust design, keep one in each room so you never come back to find spiders have disappeared.
  • HOW IT WORKS: Simply place the catcher over the spider, twist the handle to contain it, then twist again to release.
  • CATCH AND RELEASE: With this awesome spider catcher, you can decide the fate of you catch, whether to flush into the toilet or let it go back the wild to live another day.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 45 × 16 cm


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